ANSYS | Electromagnetic Solutions

ANSYS is the leading provider of electromagnetics field, circuit and system simulation software. Engineers rely on our system simulation products and electromagnetics field solvers to design communication and networking systems, integrated circuits (ICs), printed circuit boards (PCBs), and electromechanical systems.

Signal Integrity & Power Integrity
ANSYS signal integrity and power integrity analysis products are ideal for designing high-speed serial channels, parallel busses and complete power delivery systems typical in modern high-speed electronic devices.

RF, Microwave & Antenna Design
Our RF, microwave and antenna design software helps engineers to design, simulate and validate high-frequency components and antennas found in communication systems, mobile devices, computers, radio and radar.

Electromechanical, Power Electronics & Mechatronics
Electromechanical, power electronics and mechatronics tools from ANSYS are industry standard for the design of components and systems common to the automotive, aerospace and industrial automation markets.