Material Handling Solutions
Belt Analyst

First developed in 1996, Belt Analyst™ was developed by conveyor engineers to used as a consulting tool to design and analyze the most difficult belt conveyor applications. The list of successfully built applications is huge. This is not just software, but a real engineering tool.

Belt Analyst™ development has continued for 16 years and is ongoing today. A team of 4 programmers and 5 engineers back this suite of programs and are constantly working to make it better based on our own project work as well as feedback from thousands of users worldwide.

Versions are available for entry level professionals as well as the most advanced designer and engineers. And license options are available for one man companies as well as mulitnational corporations.

Belt Analyst Versions:
  • Lite
  • Standard
  • Pro
  • Suite
    • Horizontal Curves
    • Pipe Conveyor
    • Lagging Analyst
Dynamic Analyst

Dynamic Analyst™ is an add on module to Overland Conveyor Co's internationally renowned static analysis program; Belt Analyst™. This program uses the same user friendly interface to input any additional information required. Never a need to input the same data twice.

Input motor and brake data as well as control deceleration and acceleration curves either numerically or graphically. Use popular PID control algorithms to control devices. Model take-ups as either gravity, fixed (screw) or as a mechanical winch or hydraulic cylinder.

Quicky add points to plot. Plot belt tensions or belt velocity at any point on the conveyor. At every drive or brake, plot power, torque and whether or not slip might occur. Evaluate low tension conditions for potential dangeous sag conditions. And plot take-up carriage displacement and velocity.

Bulk Flow Analyst

Overland Conveyor Co's division called Applied DEM Inc, provides research and development of the Discrete Element Modeling mathmatical technique used to simulation bulk material flow.

Applied DEM is committed to providing bulk material handling solutions through use of our software backed by proven discrete element method technology. We provide tools that aid in the design phase of bulk material handling problems. The use of our simulations help identify potential problems before full implementation, saving our users time and money.

Bulk Flow Analyst™ is used to simulate conveyor transfer flow.
  • Prevent Chute Plugging
  • Minimize Belt Wear
  • Minimize Chute Surface Wear
  • Mimimize Dust
  • Minimize Spillage
  • Minimize Material Degradation

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