ANSYS DesignSpace

ANSYS DesignSpace software is an easy-to-use simulation package that provides designers with tools to conceptualize, design and validate their ideas right on the desktop. ANSYS DesignSpace software, a subset of the ANSYS Professional product, enables real-world, static structural and thermal, dynamic, weight optimization, vibration mode, and safety factor simulations to be performed on designs without the need for advanced analysis knowledge.

Superior CAD Interface & Robust Meshing

ANSYS has provided native bidirectional integration with the most popular CAD systems for more than 10 years. Integration directly into the CAD menu bar makes it very simple to launch world-class simulation directly from a CAD system.

Since the ANSYS geometry import mechanism is common to all CAD systems, the user has the flexibility to work within a single common simulation environment while using multiple CAD packages.

ANSYS provides a wide range of highly robust automated meshing tools — from tetrahedral meshes to pure hexahedral meshes, inflation layers and high-quality shell meshes. Mesh settings like surface or edge sizing, sphere of influence, defeaturing tolerances and more can be set by the user.

Auto Contact Detection for Assemblies

ANSYS mechanical solutions automatically detect and perform setup for contacts or joints between parts of an assembly. The contact settings and options can be modified, and additional manual contact definitions can be added. Joints for flexible/rigid dynamics are automatically detected. Each contact or joint is easily identified using the graphical tools provided in the environment.

Advanced Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Problems

ANSYS structural mechanics offers various advanced modeling methods for different kinds of applications. There are modal, harmonic, spectrum, rotordynamics, flexible multibody dynamics, component mode synthesis, cyclic symmetry, delamination, composite failure, fracture mechanics, adaptive meshing, 2-D rezoning, submodeling, substructuring, element birth and death, and topology optimization, among others.

Powerful Solver Capabilities

ANSYS structural mechanics solutions offer a large library of out-of-the box equation solvers. The library contains the sparse direct solver, the preconditioned conjugate gradient (PCG) iterative solver, the Jacobi conjugate gradient (JCG) solution, etc. In addition, the distributed versions of PCG, JCG, and sparse solvers are available for use in large-scale computing via parallel processing.

Advanced Post-Processing

ANSYS provides a comprehensive set of post-processing tools to display results on models as contours or vector plots to provide summaries of the results. Powerful and intuitive slicing techniques allow the user to get more detailed results over given parts of the geometries. All the results can be exported as text data or to a spreadsheet for further calculations. Animations are provided for static cases as well as for nonlinear or transient histories. Any result or boundary condition can be used to create customized charts.


ANSYS provides instantaneous report generation to gather all technical data and pictures of the model in a convenient format (HTML, Microsoft® Word™, Microsoft® PowerPoint™).