SOLIDCAD was founded in 2002 by Mr Ben TerreBlanché (Pr.Eng) .

From the start it was SOLIDCAD’s vision to continue with the legacy of our founder, who since the early to middle 1980’s provided a high level of analysis solutions and services to the engineering industry of South Africa.

Today SOLIDCAD has grown its product portfolio to provide products that are either specialized or supplemental software needed by engineers and designers in the South African engineering industry including KeyCreator.

SOLIDCAD’s Mission:

  • Supply and support advanced simulation technology to engineers, engineering companies and other industries related to the engineering industry.
  • Enable our clients and customers to excel, by expanding their skills, education, knowledge and experience professional training and support of our products and also professional consulting services.
  • Stay abreast of new technology, technological developments and any changes to adapt to changing customer requirements and needs.
  • Supply products and services that compliment other related products, which promote improved productivity, development and quality.

All the engineers at SOLIDCAD are trained and certified by the product suppliers to ensure that they provide support and training to our customers according to the levels and standards expected by our product suppliers. Our engineers also have years of experience in the CAE industry and has an archive that has accumulated over the years with consulting work available to them. We are trusted and respected on by our customers for having their best interest at heart and depended on for guidance if needed.